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  1. RecordLinc


    (Note: The actual price of this product is calculated during the registration process.) RecordLinc Secure-Mail is a secure communication (encrypted email) and marketing portal exclusively for dental professionals to CONNECT with colleagues, SIMPLIFY referrals, and GROW your practice. Dental professionals can now easily send secure messages to other dentists, labs and patients. Learn More
  2. Reportrix


    Reportrix is the ultimate gateway into your Dentrix database. Navigate your way through the database tables to build, save, and automate custom reports designed to fit your practice needs. Your custom queries can be set to automatically run and file-generate on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Learn More
  3. TigerView TigerLink2 for G5

    TigerView TigerLink2 for G5

    TigerLink2 is a free bridge program from Televere Systems that opens TigerView Digital Imaging to the same patient Dentrix is open to. This allows you to use TigerView to acquire, manipulate, etc. your digital images as though TigerView is just another one of the Dentrix windows. Learn More
  4. Trophy Link for G5

    Trophy Link for G5

    Trophy Link for G5 Learn More
  5. VO Net Waiting Room

    VO Net Waiting Room

    FREE Version of Personal Assistant SP 60 during our promotion time. No doubt the waiting room is the best place to promote your team, staff, service, technology, insurance or payment system. Patients spend time in waiting rooms, prior to consultations and treatment sessions. No Monthly Fee. Learn More