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Clinical Report Software for CBCT

This simple program was developed by a radiologist and a pathologist to help clinicians generate simple, precise descriptive reports for their records, their patients and their referrals.

Using a simple, anatomic, templated format, the clinician simply selects the appropriate statement(s) in each of the anatomic areas being examined.

Pop-up descriptors with an illustration help the clinician select the correct description of the lesion or anomaly which they have found in the CBCT volume.


EasyRiters’, stepwise anatomic template scheme allows you to populate the common changes seen in various regions of your cone beam volume simply and efficiently with little chance of missing a significant finding. No matter what plane of section where you might you locate a change, there is an EasyRiter pre-existing statement which you can select to describe the change. Because the software leads you through the common anatomical locations where significant changes might be found, it is unlikely that you will miss a finding that may impact your patient’s treatment. And, for findings that require referral, there are statements in the recommendation section that you could add to your EasyRiter report. This report can then be imported into your practice management software and/or used to accompany them the referral letter you will make to a primary care provider or specialist for follow-up. EasyRiter helps you identify, describe and make the appropriate referral for a significant radiographic finding you discover in your CBCT volume.

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