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  1. Dentrix Website Manager

    Dentrix Website Manager

    (Note: The actual price of this product is calculated during the registration process.) Give your patients the useful functionality and valuable online resources they’re looking for when they visit your practice website. Website Manager provides your patients with powerful online tools that allow them to interact with your practice 24-hours a day to view appointments, treatment plans and account balances online. Learn More
  2. NetIP Office On Demand

    NetIP Office On Demand

    OFFICE ON DEMAND is like carrying your office in your hand! Connect to your dental practice from anywhere using any mobile device: iPad, iPhone, Laptop, etc, with 100% HIPAA Compliance Security of Your Patient Records! Remotely access your Front Desk and Back Office Practice Management Software and X-rays! Learn More
  3. Nexhealth Patient Relationship Manager

    Nexhealth Patient Relationship Manager

    NexHealth is a patient relationship suite for your dental practice. We help you maintain patient relationships with seamless, digital tech that improves retention, simplifies office work, and enhances your brand. Learn More
  4. ℮Endorsements


    eEndorsements is a complete patient review management software plugin for Dentrix. Capture valuable reviews, invite your patients to share their endorsements to social media, and automatically stream positive reviews to your website. Improve your online presence, spread powerful social word of mouth, and influence new patient appointments. Learn More
  5. Achievement Blueprint Online

    Achievement Blueprint Online

    The Achievement Blueprint online program, created specifically for dental practices, goes beyond project management software to a full goal achievement system. This desktop and mobile app helps you and your team set goals and create a plan, so you can focus on what is important and accomplish your practice goals faster. Learn More
  6. Dentrix Attachments

    Dentrix Attachments

    (Note: The actual price of this product is calculated during the registration process.) Attachments allow you to attach X-rays, photos, perio charts to your claim without leaving your practice management software. Plus, attaching digital files saves duplication costs and speeds up the reimbursement process. Attachments connect you to the largest list of payers in the industry, allowing you to send more attachments using eClaims than any other service. Learn More
  7. Dentrix Communication Manager

    Dentrix Communication Manager

    (Note: The actual price of this product is calculated during the registration process.) Communication Manager seamlessly integrates with Dentrix to effectively communicate with your patients. Imagine how much time your staff would save by eliminating the need to mail dental recall cards or call patients to confirm appointments. Communication Manager takes over this responsibility and provides your practice with worry-free patient appointment reminders and other correspondence. Learn More
  8. Dentrix Insurance Manager

    Dentrix Insurance Manager

    (Note: The actual price of this product is calculated during the registration process.) Using electronic tools for insurance related tasks is a great way to increase efficiency and become a more paperless practice. Insurance Manager is one such tool that’s so powerful, it’s like adding a dedicated insurance specialist to your team. Plus, it perfectly complements your eClaims software with robust claim reporting tools. Learn More
  9. EasyRiter


    Clinical Report Software for CBCT This simple program was developed by a radiologist and a pathologist to help clinicians generate simple, precise descriptive reports for their records, their patients and their referrals. Using a simple, anatomic, templated format, the clinician simply selects the appropriate statement(s) in each of the anatomic areas being examined. Pop-up descriptors with an illustration help the clinician select the correct description of the lesion or anomaly which they have found in the CBCT volume. Learn More
  10. MPTV


    MPTV is easy to install, manage and run. Easily create playlists including 3D patient education videos, general knowledge questions, pre-made Slides and your own marketing promotions. Your custom branded TV channel shows the latest news headlines, office announcements, weather, dental trivia and even your social media feeds! Learn More

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