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  1. Clinical Note Searcher

    Clinical Note Searcher

    Clinical Note Searcher looks through all clinical notes in a Dentrix database to find those notes that meet certain criteria. Use it to find notes that have not been signed, that have certain text, or that are associated with certain providers. Learn More
  2. Continuing Care Analysis

    Continuing Care Analysis

    Continuing Care Analysis identifies procedure codes that are associated with specific Continuing Care Types, finds appointments that may be incorrectly attached to Continuing Care, and shows patients on certain Continuing Care intervals. Learn More
  3. Dentrix Attachments

    Dentrix Attachments

    (Note: The actual price of this product is calculated during the registration process.) Attachments allow you to attach X-rays, photos, perio charts to your claim without leaving your practice management software. Plus, attaching digital files saves duplication costs and speeds up the reimbursement process. Attachments connect you to the largest list of payers in the industry, allowing you to send more attachments using eClaims than any other service. Learn More
  4. Dentrix eClaims

    Dentrix eClaims

    (Note: The actual price of this product is calculated during the registration process.) eClaims simplifies the insurance claim submission process so your front office team spends less time creating claims and waiting for reimbursements. It’s the most integrated solution available for Dentrix users – with just a few clicks of the mouse you can create, validate, add attachments and electronically submit patient’s insurance claims directly from Dentrix. Learn More
  5. Dentrix Insurance Manager

    Dentrix Insurance Manager

    (Note: The actual price of this product is calculated during the registration process.) Using electronic tools for insurance related tasks is a great way to increase efficiency and become a more paperless practice. Insurance Manager is one such tool that’s so powerful, it’s like adding a dedicated insurance specialist to your team. Plus, it perfectly complements your eClaims software with robust claim reporting tools. Learn More
  6. Dentrix PowerPay

    Dentrix PowerPay

    (Note: The actual price of this product is calculated during the registration process.) PowerPay gives your practice the easiest and most efficient solution available for processing patient credit and debit card transactions. When it’s time to check-out, with single card swipe, PowerPay will process a charge and post the payment to the Dentrix Ledger automatically, eliminating double entry. Learn More
  7. Insurance Payment Assessment

    Insurance Payment Assessment

    The Insurance Payment Assessment delivers the most comprehensive insurance payment reports for Dentrix. Payment totals are broken down by actual payments and itemized procedure payments, allowing your office to determine which plans are benefiting your practice the most. Learn More
  8. mConsent


    mConsent is a paperless solution for dental practices that streamlines staff operations by allowing patients to complete and sign documentation on an iPad without needing paper or signature pads. Once the forms and photos are submitted, the files are transferred from the iPad directly into Dentrix, thereby saving additional data entry time. Learn More
  9. mConsent


    mConsent is an iPad-based solution that enables patients to complete and sign documents, without the need for paper, and automatically submits the information into Dentrix. Learn More
  10. VO Net Waiting Room

    VO Net Waiting Room

    FREE Version of Personal Assistant SP 60 during our promotion time. No doubt the waiting room is the best place to promote your team, staff, service, technology, insurance or payment system. Patients spend time in waiting rooms, prior to consultations and treatment sessions. No Monthly Fee. Learn More