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  1. RecordLinc


    (Note: The actual price of this product is calculated during the registration process.) RecordLinc Secure-Mail is a secure communication (encrypted email) and marketing portal exclusively for dental professionals to CONNECT with colleagues, SIMPLIFY referrals, and GROW your practice. Dental professionals can now easily send secure messages to other dentists, labs and patients. Learn More
  2. CollectNow


    This new software integration from CollectNow is designed to easily transmit overdue accounts to collections. Installation is quick and easy, once you are live and connected your office can - Easily look up overdue accounts, securely transmit account data and start collection proceedings without the hassle you are used to in the past. Learn More
  3. Simplifeye


    Chat, workflow, metrics. Do everything at a glance with Simplifeye. Simplifeye is the number one technology experience for health care providers, patients and their businesses. The company's platform of software solutions help health care providers improve productivity, efficiency and profitability. Learn More
  4. Trophy Link for G5

    Trophy Link for G5

    Trophy Link for G5 Learn More
  5. Dentrix Communication Manager

    Dentrix Communication Manager

    (Note: The actual price of this product is calculated during the registration process.) Communication Manager seamlessly integrates with Dentrix to effectively communicate with your patients. Imagine how much time your staff would save by eliminating the need to mail dental recall cards or call patients to confirm appointments. Communication Manager takes over this responsibility and provides your practice with worry-free patient appointment reminders and other correspondence. Learn More