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  1. Nexhealth Patient Relationship Manager

    Nexhealth Patient Relationship Manager

    NexHealth is a patient relationship suite for your dental practice. We help you maintain patient relationships with seamless, digital tech that improves retention, simplifies office work, and enhances your brand. Learn More
  2. Personal Assistant Pro 400 Animations ADDITIONAL LICENSE

    Personal Assistant Pro 400 Animations ADDITIONAL LICENSE

    Personal Assistant Pro, is the best 3D animations software, for Patient Education and thus consent ever introduced into the market. The Personal Assistant Pro, will assist you or your staff in communicating with your patients and help you to clearly explain, visualize and promote to them the most simple and/or complex procedures. This software includes a bank of up to 400 dental procedures animation in High-resolution. Learn More
  3. Reportrix


    Reportrix is the ultimate gateway into your Dentrix database. Navigate your way through the database tables to build, save, and automate custom reports designed to fit your practice needs. Your custom queries can be set to automatically run and file-generate on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Learn More